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The Art of
Being Happy

"I'm ready for real change... that lasts!"
"I'm so tired of feeling mediocre..."
"I'm sensing there's more... and I want it!"

My students often tell me that the themes we talk about in yoga inspire them to make changes off the mat. They (you!) say you want to integrate the healthy habits of yoga into your lifestyle. Your old patterns just don't seem to fit anymore. And you crave more than a 75-minute class to support your growth outside of the studio. I hear you. I created The Art of Being Happy to make living a healthy, happy lifestyle easier, and even empowering... literally, to bring it on home!

The Art of Being Happy delivers yoga, recipes, and healthy living tips
directly to your inbox.


We may know what we need to be healthy, and perhaps catch glimpses of what we need to be happy, but so often our busy lives get in the way of both. I get it. When I first started practicing yoga, I felt happy... on occasion. I felt connected... here and there. But more often than not, I felt scattered, stuck, and at the mercy of whatever thought or emotion was taking me for a ride. No more!

I changed my patterns to repave the road before me. I sensed that those sparks of happiness I'd glimpsed within could be coaxed into glowing embers of true and lasting happiness. And through yoga, and her sister science Ayurveda, I learned tools to connect with that happiness and help it grow in a steady and sustainable way. Do I believe happiness is within? Absolutely. But if we're all cluttered up with unhealthy habits and (pardon me) crap food, how can we expect to stay connected to that inner feel-good?! The Art of Being Happy is about taking care of our health and happiness.

I believe happiness is both within and a practice.


The Art of Being Happy is a monthly membership program with land-in-your-inbox deliveries of yoga videos, practical information and intentions, and healthy, seasonal recipes. As a member, you'll receive twice-weekly emails designed to support you in your health and happiness goals.

Each Friday: Receive a 30-minute yoga video, with alignment instructions and a theme to inspire your on- and off-the-mat practices in the coming week. Also, learn a new seasonal recipe, based on what's available and in abundance... just in time for weekend shopping at your local farmers' market!

Each Tuesday: Reconnect with reflections on the theme, healthy/happy-living tips, and dietary support, to keep your week's intentions simmering on the front burner!

With your monthly membership, you'll also enjoy partnership perks from some of my favorite local, healthy food and wellness providers:
Nourish, Fern, The Asbury, Luna's Living Kitchen, Heirloom, Atherton Mill Farmers Market, Edible Charlotte, The Lavender Lunchbox, and Be Yoga and Wellness!

AND when you sign up, receive this bonus video:

"The Everyday Practice", a 30-minute sequence to kickstart your day!

The Art of Being Happy is not just a program; it's a way of life.
You can be the artist of your own life masterpiece!
Yoga and healthy eating have changed my life,
and I KNOW they can change yours, too.

When you're ready to take charge and take care of your health and happiness,
The Art of Being Happy is ready for you!